WhatsApp, beware of the new colors scam

New phishing attempt on WhatsApp tries to get users to click on a fake link that if opened directs to install malware

This is not the first time hackers have used WhatsApp to try to get their hands on user data. And almost always resorting to the same ploy: a fake link that if opened increases the chances of success of the hackers. As in the latest case of scam discovered.

The news was reported by a Reddit user, according to which cybercriminals would be running a deceptive link and very similar to the official WhatsApp one. Although the attempted cyber fraud put in place by hackers is not so difficult to detect, it still risks compromising many devices, playing right on people's lack of attention. Users, in fact, according to the information circulated on the network, receive the link in a message. In the text it says that a version of WhatsApp with different colors is available. If the unsuspecting user performs the hackers' "directions" to the letter and clicks on the link, he or she installs adware on their device, i.e. software that spies on users' operations in order to offer tailored advertisements.

How the new cyber scam hits

The new scam devised by the hackers adopts a mechanism that requires several steps. Once opened, the link "forces" users to share the message with other groups. At this point, according to reports on Reddit, victims install malicious applications on their mobile devices. On the site opened via the fake link, a message appears that "informs" that the new version of WhatsApp is only available from the web and that to use it you need to install a Chrome extension, which can be downloaded from another link. And this is where the cyber scam materializes.

How to protect yourself

As mentioned, the new phishing attempt is simple to discover. In fact, the URL contains Cyrillic characters. Elements that should be a bit suspicious. And then, as it is known, WhatsApp releases updates exclusively through the official stores. So, don't fall for it.