WhatsApp, calls coming to PC too

Dark theme and feature to make calls and video calls is coming to WhatsApp Web. Here's when they will be available

The developers of WhatsApp are working to improve not only the application, but also the desktop version of the messaging platform. Those who use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop (the app that you can download from the Windows Store and the Mac App Store) every day, know very well that the two programs have something less than the application. The dark theme still hasn't been implemented and above all, it's not possible to make calls and video calls.

So this last lack is one of the most serious: implementing calls from the desktop would turn WhatsApp into a valid competitor to the various Skype, Google Meet, Teams and Zoom. But above all it would fill a very large gap. On this front comes good news: as they discovered the guys at WaBetaInfo, the feature is in development and may soon land on WhatsApp Web. From the computer it will be possible to make both "one to one" calls and group video calls for up to eight people. For the moment, the tool is not yet available, but it could become available soon.

WhatsApp Web, video calls up to eight people

During the lockdown period, WhatsApp increased the maximum limit for group video calls up to eight people. An important choice to give friends, family and relatives a way to stay close even if they are far away. After focusing on the application, now WhatsApp technicians have moved on to the desktop version, where calls and video calls are still not available. Those who want to use the PC to call on WhatsApp are forced to install an Android emulator: a very inconvenient and complicated practice.

The situation should soon normalize: on WhatsApp Web the arrival of group calls and video calls is expected. You will be able to answer or call your contacts directly from your PC. A handset or camera icon will be added in the top right corner, just like it happens on the application.

Dark theme is also coming to WhatsApp Web

In addition to calls and video calls, the dark theme will also come to the desktop app. WhatsApp has been working on this feature for quite some time already, but without ever having released it. The guys at WaBetaInfo inform us that the novelty is still in the testing phase and the developers are experimenting with new colors to make the user interface as pleasant as possible.

When the new WhatsApp Web features arrive

There is no release date set yet: for the moment the two new features are in development and in the coming months they will arrive on the beta version. Only after passing the tests, they can be released for all users. Estimated time: summer 2020.