WhatsApp changes voicemails: now you send them this way

A small step for WhatsApp, a big step for humanity: you can finally listen to voicemails before sending them in a chat

The novelty was expected for years, and was heralded by several appearances on the beta versions of the app for Android and iOS, but now it has arrived for everyone: WhatsApp is changing the way you send voicemails, giving the user much more control over the message than before, because you can now listen to the voicemails before sending them.

It was the platform itself, via a message with video on Twitter, that showed everyone the new interface for sending voice messages on WhatsApp. The fact that there is an official communication, therefore, confirms that the new feature is for everyone and not, as was the case in the past, only for beta app users. Not everyone is already viewing the new version, but it's only a matter of hours or, at most, days: WhatsApp has announced the new voice prompts, so they'll be coming soon. Here's what changes and what we can do now before sending a voicemail.

Voicemail messages WhatsApp: what changes

Until yesterday, when a user wanted to send a voicemail message on WhatsApp, they had to hold down the microphone icon to open the "L" shaped recording interface: moving your finger to the left would cancel the recording, moving it up would lock the interface to prevent the recording from stopping by accident (which is useful for those who like to send very long voicemails).

Before, in fact, it was only possible to stop recording, but if you sent an incorrect message you had to delete it immediately afterwards, and then record it again. With often tragic results: the user doesn't always get to say what he really wants to say, the first time.

Now the user has much more control while recording a voice: he can pause, resume and delete it instead of sending it. In fact, while recording, WhatsApp now shows the sound wave as the voice is recorded, the Stop/Play button and allows us to listen to the audio again at any time, before sending it.

You still can't shorten, cut or edit the audio you've just recorded (but not yet sent), but the presence of a sort of "timeline" with the waveform of the recording hints that, perhaps, this new feature will come in the future as well.

The new WhatsApp voice prompts are for everyone

The new features just described for audio messages on WhatsApp are for everyone, but not everyone yet views them and can use them in their app. WhatsApp is rolling them out globally, to both Android and iOS users, but it will take some time.

Those who still see the old recording interface, then, need not be alarmed: it's only a matter of a few days, maybe even .