WhatsApp, changing phone number will be easier

Available at the moment in the beta version of WhatsApp, the new feature will allow you to send your friends a message with your new phone number

Another novelty boils in the pot at home WhatsApp. After the introduction of the feature that soon, according to the latest rumors, will allow users to delete messages sent by mistake, the instant messaging service is ready to unveil a new feature as well.

According to what has been reported by some well-informed sources, the instant messaging app could soon make changing the number to your account much easier. The U.S. company,  in fact, would be testing, away from prying eyes, a service through which users can notify individual contacts, as well as group chats, the intention to adopt a new phone number. The service, always referring to the few news leaked so far, would currently be available only in beta version. The new feature has been discovered once again, as in the case of the "Revoke" feature, by the Twitter account WABetaInfo.

Faster notification times

Although there are still no official news about the timing of its release or if it will ever be introduced - it is in fact only a test and in the end it could remain as such - the new feature is an important innovation as it will allow to speed up the notification times. Until now, in fact, users have always been forced to communicate the change of number manually to all their contacts. A long and above all tedious task. With the new service, subscribers to the messaging application will only have to choose whether to send the message with the new phone number to all contacts or only to those with whom you started a chat. That's it. The rest we will think directly WhatsApp.