WhatsApp, comes the blacklist for groups: how it works

On WhatsApp comes the possibility to make blacklists with users who can not add us to groups: here's how it works

After making its debut on the beta version of WhatsApp, the feature to block invitations to groups has also arrived on the official version of the app. The news comes directly from the guys at WaBetaInfo who published the news on their official website: the new system is being released worldwide. If you don't see it in your account yet, you'll have to wait a few days: the release is gradual.

This is a very important novelty, a real sea change for the application. It's a feature that meets the needs of users who were clamoring for a tool to block invitations to groups. Until now, in fact, there was no way to block the addition to a new group in the bud. Users found themselves in chats with dozens of people, most of whom they didn't know. With the new feature, you have more control over privacy and can decide which friends can add you to a new group. Here's how it works and how to set up the new tool.

How to block invitations to WhatsApp groups

The new tool works very similar to a blacklist: you can create a list of users who can not in any way put us in a group. If we have friends who like to create very large WhatsApp groups and put any kind of person inside, with this feature we can put him on the "blacklist" and nip in the bud any of his initiatives. A way certainly nicer than leaving without notice from a group, action that always leads to big quarrels.

To block invitations to WhatsApp groups you must enter in your profile, press on Settings, Account and finally Privacy. A tab will open in which you will find a new option "Groups". Clicking on it will open a window with a small writing at the top "Who can add me to groups" and at the bottom three options: "Everyone", "My contacts" and "My contacts except...". Choosing "Everyone", any person who has our number can add us to a group, while setting "My contacts", only people registered in the address book will be able to do so. Finally with "My contacts except..." it allows you to create a blacklist, excluding "unwanted" people (by selecting all of them, no one will be able to put us in a WhatsApp group without our permission).

When the new WhatsApp feature arrives

As announced by the guys at WaBetaInfo, the new feature is being released worldwide. So in the coming days you will find it inside your WhatsApp profile.