WhatsApp comes update to mute chats permanently

After a few months, the feature to mute chat notifications also arrives on iOS. Easy to activate, it allows you to put the "silencer" to the annoying

New features coming for those who use WhatsApp on iPhone. With the new update of the instant messaging platform, in fact, it will finally be possible to totally mute the most annoying users and groups. With version 2.19.110 of Whatsapp for iOS, in fact, it will not only be possible to mute the chat, but also to "stop" the counter of unread messages.

Until the previous version, the function to mute individual chats or group conversations allowed to eliminate the receipt of the notification, but not that the counter of unread messages (and its red badge that appears on the corner of the icon) appeared. A real nonsense that, in fact, made the same function useless: even without notifications, in fact, the chat "incriminated" could still disturb us, forcing us most of the time to open the messaging platform to make sure who had sent the message. As mentioned, it will now be possible to "completely mute" the most boring conversations.

How to mute WhatsApp conversations on iPhone

The change, which for some may seem minimal, is instead of great importance. The "disappearance" of the notification badge, in fact, will allow you to no longer be disturbed by group chats in which we did not want to be included and from which we do not dare to leave. And, compared to the previous version, there is no new operation to do: all chats in silent mode will stop showing the notification badge on the app icon, thus eliminating even the last "disturbing factor" of these conversations.

To permanently mute a Whatsapp chat on iPhone just enter the conversation, click on the name of the group or person to "silence" and choose the voice Silent. From here you can choose whether to stop receiving notifications and updates for 8 hours, for 1 week or for 1 year. Once you have chosen the desired time interval (just press on the option you prefer), you will no longer be disturbed by that tiresome acquaintance of ours or that group in which we don't want to be.