WhatsApp, dark mode arrives on iPhone

The messaging platform is preparing to change its face on iPhone. In the next versions will be introduced dark mode and not only

WhatsApp dresses up, at least on iOS. According to the portal WABetaInfo, usually very well informed about the future of the messaging platform owned by Facebook, in the next versions of WhatsApp for iPhone should be introduced the dark mode, a feature long awaited by users of the messaging app.

What will change with the dark mode? In terms of functionality, nothing or almost nothing. Simply, users will be able to choose to change the "usual" user interface with tones tending to light gray and green to decidedly darker tones. As the name also suggests, when a user will activate dark mode on WhatsApp for iPhone, the screen will be entirely "colored" with shades of gray (tending to dark, of course). A way to prevent the eyes from straining too much at night and, perhaps minimally, save the battery of your applephone.

New WhatsApp iOS, what to expect

The dark mode, according to what is reported on WABetaInfo, should not arrive soon, however: at the moment is in the alpha version of the app, the one in which they are initially tested the innovations to be made to the messaging platform. It may be necessary to wait even a few months, but it is now more than likely that the future of WhatsApp on iOS will be black.

At short, however, WhatsApp for iPhone should be updated with some new features that will improve the user experience. As it already happens with photos and GIFs, soon it will be possible to preview videos and movies received directly from the application's notifications. A new way to read WhatsApp messages without appearing online, in short. Also, in case you receive two or more voice messages in a row, not interrupted by text messages or replies, WhatsApp will play them back in succession, so you don't have to waste seconds to launch playback of the next messages. In between voice messages, however, WhatsApp will play a short sound so that you will know when one message ends and the next begins.