WhatsApp dark mode has arrived but not for everyone: how to activate it

Night mode has arrived on the beta version of WhatsApp, but only on the conversations screen. Here's what changes

Night mode on WhatsApp is coming. Indeed for some users it is already available, but only in the beta version. To give the news as usual are the guys at WaBetaInfo via a post published on Twitter. For the moment, however, the dark mode is only present within conversations, with the classic sand-colored background that has become a very intense blue (the developers have opted for a different color than black to facilitate the reading of messages).

This is a very important small step, a signal that the developers are almost ready to release the night mode in the beta version of WhatsApp in a definitive way. Programmers have been working on this new feature for several months now. After the initial problems and the risk of never seeing the dark mode on the app, they have found the crux of the matter and are slowly bringing night mode to all screens of the application.

How to activate night mode on WhatsApp

As mentioned, night mode is not available for everyone yet. For two reasons: first, because it's only in the beta version (a program you need to sign up for by downloading the appropriate app), and second, because you need to have a smartphone that natively supports dark mode.

So far, night mode is available in all devices that have received the update to iOS 13 and Android 10. If in the case of iPhones it's easier to update the operating system to the latest available release, that's not the case for Android. In addition to the Pixel family of smartphones, there are only a few phones that have received Android 10, the version of the operating system that integrates dark mode.

To have dark mode in the background of WhatsApp you need to activate it by default on the smartphone. On the iPhone it's very simple: just go into Settings, press on "Screen and Brightness" and then on "Appearance". In the screen that opens choose the dark mode. On Android you have to go into Settings, press on Display and then on Theme. At this point set Dark.

When night mode comes on WhatsApp

It's hard to make predictions. For the time being, it's only available in the background screen of conversations, while the rest of the app is still with the light theme and WhatsApp's usual colors (white and green). The presence of the night mode in a small part of the messaging app, however, is important news, this means that the work is well underway and that within a short time we will be able to get our hands on the defined version, at least in beta. Making a prediction, we can say that by the end of November dark mode will arrive on WhatsApp.