WhatsApp down, the app doesn’t send messages: what’s happening

WhatsApp is down since 22:00 on July 14 and doesn't allow to send messages. Here's what's happening

Update 10:40 pm. The app is working again.

WhatsApp is down: since 10:00 pm on July 14, the app doesn't allow you to send messages or even receive them. The problem does not seem to concern only Italy, but the whole world and in these minutes the reports are increasing dramatically, a sign that the inefficiency is really important.

The malfunction is quite peculiar: whoever tries to send a message gets the tick as if it had been sent, but on the other hand the recipient does not receive it. In fact, the gray tick does not become double, but remains single. This isn't the first time WhatsApp has had such problems: already a few weeks ago there were glitches with privacy settings and last login. This time, however, WhatsApp is down completely, with users unable to send any kind of message. We'll see what happens in the next few hours.

Why WhatsApp is not working on July 14

Tons of reports in just a few minutes, signal that WhatsApp is down and no user is able to send messages to their friends, partners and family. Many try to access their profile and see only a message saying "Connecting", as if the application could not connect with WhatsApp servers. And the problem could be just that: a lack of connection between the application and the servers that does not allow either to send messages or to make calls and video calls. Logically you can not even send images and videos.

On the site downdetector.it that collects complaints from users when a service does not work, there are already thousands of reports in a few minutes. WhatsApp is not working and at the moment there is no solution.

Alternatives to WhatsApp

When WhatsApp doesn't work, you can use valid alternatives, starting with Telegram. If you do not want to leave the enclosure of the Facebook family you can use Facebook Messenger or Instagram. This time, in fact, the only app that doesn't work is WhatsApp, while the others from the Melo Park group show no problems.