WhatsApp, free and unlimited backups on Android

A deal between Facebook and Google will allow WhatsApp users on Android to have unlimited and free storage space for chat backups

Since November 12, all users who use WhatsApp on Android will have unlimited and free storage space on Google Drive to backup their most important conversations.

Until now, Android users of the famous messaging app had a dedicated and free storage space on the famous Mountain View service. But the memory available for conversation backups was limited. Thanks to a new agreement reached by Facebook, which has been managing WhatsApp for several years now, and Google all users of the little robot will be able to save backups of all the chats they want on Google Drive. In addition, all WhatsApp backups that have not been updated for more than a year will be automatically removed from the storage space of Google Drive. The new agreement will come into force from November 12: if you do not want to lose the WhatsApp backup saved on Google Drive you must make one by this date.

Unlimited WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive for Android

How will we take advantage of this new agreement between Facebook and Google also on our WhatsApp account? Nothing simpler, first we need to make sure we have an active Google profile on our Android smartphone. At this point we just have to take the smartphone and launch WhatsApp. Then let's go to the menu by pressing the three vertical dots that we find at the top right. Here we tap on the entry Settings, then on Chats and finally on the heading Chat Backup. A new tab will open where we will have to select the Backup to Google Drive option. If we fail to create this backup of chats on Google Drive it is possible that there are two problems: either we do not have enough memory to make a new backup on our phone, or we have not yet updated WhatsApp and we can not get the new feature for unlimited backup on Google Drive. In any case it is good to remember that media files and messages transferred from WhatsApp chats to Google's storage service will not be protected by end-to-end encryption, an aspect not to be underestimated in view of information security and privacy.