WhatsApp, groups will be easier to manage with new feature

WhatsApp has updated its algorithms to improve the functions available to group chat administrators, here are the main new features

WhatsApp recently worked hard to improve the functions and management of group chats, even providing new tools to administrators. The improvements for WhatsApp groups, however, do not end there, in the latest update of the messaging app will be included several new features designed only for group chats.

One of the main innovations in the new WhatsApp update for iOS, Android and Windows Phone are the permissions for sending messages in group chats. As of today, in fact, it is possible for an administrator to disable replies from other users within a specific group. In practice, just select the option "Administrators Only" to prevent the sending of texts, voice messages, photos or videos by members of a group who do not have administrator permissions. This is a very useful feature in workgroups where a coordinator wants to provide his collaborators with important information without starting debates that would divert the conversation.

How to set sending for Administrators Only on WhatsApp

If we are administrators of a WhatsApp workgroup and we want to mute other users within the chat we just need to go to the group settings (the three vertical dots icon)  and then tap on the Group Info item. In the new tab we select the option Send messages for administrators only. Once this feature is enabled, users who are part of the group chat will be notified of the change with a message. Once the feature is enabled no user without administrator permissions will be able to write anything in the chat, in case we try WhatsApp will warn us with a notification reminding us that we do not have permissions to share text, photos or videos in this group. And what to do if there is an urgency? Simple, WhatsApp of allows you to send a direct message from within the group chat to the administrator or administrators to ask to temporarily disable the block. The block for sending messages in group chats can also be set by an admin from the desktop version of WhatsApp.

If in our version of WhatsApp on the smartphone we do not find this new feature it means that we are not using the latest update of the messaging app. To update the app, all we have to do is go to the App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store, depending on the type of phone we have, and click on update in the WhatsApp tab.