WhatsApp hacked? All false

Immediately after the block of the service on the Net circulated several hoaxes that alarmed users about a possible hacker attack on the application

The crash of WhatsApp has generated chaos around the world. The block of the app has unleashed users on various social networks, so much so that on Twitter the hashtag #WhatsAppDown has even beaten the one on the Champions League match between Monaco and Juventus. Attention, however, the blockade was not caused by a hacker attack.

For one evening people have rediscovered the dear old SMS because of a bug that has sent WhatsApp into tilt. Many on the Net have spoken of a hacker attack against the messaging platform. But this news has been denied by several parties. On Internet have circulated several hoaxes that blamed the malfunction to hackers: "HACKED WHATSAPP. CONVERSATIONS AND PHOTOS WILL BE MADE PUBLIC. HERE'S HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR PHONE HAS BEEN HACKED. Around 10 p.m. on May 3, WhatsApp stopped working, it seems that behind this block of the application there is a hacker attack, aimed at violating the security of the most popular messaging app."

Beware of hoaxes

News like this is absolutely false, users are not at risk. Detecting fake news like this is easy: we always watch out for spelling errors and above all we verify the news by cross-searching the Net. When an article continuously reports words like "seems" or "seems" it is very likely that it is not reliable. The article in question has been reported by the site Il Giornale Italiano, which is not a registered newspaper. Articles of this kind sprout daily online, you just have to be prepared and recognize the hoaxes.