WhatsApp, how to activate shortcuts on the iPhone

On WhatsApp for iPhone is available a little-known feature that allows you to quickly share photos and images: here's how to activate it

For a couple of weeks a new feature has arrived for WhatsApp, but few people have noticed, Definitely not Android users, since the new tool was released for the iPhone and on green robot smartphones is present for quite some time now. We are talking about the shortcut that allows you to quickly share a content present on the web (image, video, GIF) on WhatsApp. Until recently, when you pressed the Share button on the iPhone did not appear the most frequent contacts of WhatsApp.

This is a feature on which the developers of the messaging app have worked hard and that has also encountered some difficulties, but that finally arrived on the iPhone simultaneously with the release of iOS 13.6. To make the new WhatsApp shortcuts work, however, it is not enough to download iOS 13.6 and update the app to the latest version available, but there are other requirements to be met. The tool, in fact, conflicts with WhatsApp's Screen Lock and you need to disable it. Here's how to do it.

How to activate WhatsApp shortcuts on iPhone

There is no particular item in WhatsApp settings that you need to activate, but you simply need to update the app and the iPhone operating system. However, you need to know that in order to make the WhatsApp contacts icon appear in the Share menu, you need to meet some requirements.

What is the new tool for? Very simply, it is a shortcut that allows you to more quickly share multimedia content taken from the Web on WhatsApp. When a user presses the Share button, now the most frequent contacts of the messaging app will also appear in the front row.

To make them appear, however, you have to comply with a fundamental requirement: in fact, the tool conflicts with WhatsApp's Screen Lock. It is not possible to have both active. If you want to test the new shortcuts, you have to log into WhatsApp, go into Settings, disable "Screen Lock". At this point send a message on the app to the contact you want to appear in the shortcuts and check if pressing on the Share button shows up his icon.

How to get the new WhatsApp feature on the iPhone

To get the new WhatsApp shortcuts you need to update to the latest available version not only the messaging app, but also iOS. For Apple's operating system, the required version is at least 13.6 or later.

To update WhatsApp just go to the App Store and check if any update is available, while for iOS you need to go to Settings, press on General and on "Software Update".