WhatsApp, how to appear offline and read received messages

Using tricks or an ad hoc application you can read messages on WhatsApp without showing the blue ticks. Here's how to do it

The blue ticks on WhatsApp have made the life of millions of people hellish: since their introduction, it has become impossible to hide the fact that you have read a message and don't want to reply. Even against your will you are forced to answer with an emoticon or a phrase of circumstance.

Unfortunately, on WhatsApp there is no offline mode with which to make yourself untraceable by other users. You can try to hide the number from your friends, but it is a rather long and complex procedure. A viable alternative is to disable the feature "Read Confirmation" (if we read a message will not appear blue ticks), but in this way we will not be able to find out if our friends have read the message we sent them. What to do to appear offline on WhatsApp? Should we abandon the idea of defending our privacy? Of course not. Thanks to some simple tricks, it is possible to read the messages received without showing the blue ticks or the status that shows that we are online: here's how to do it.

Enable airplane mode

The easiest way to read a message on WhatsApp in offline mode is to enable airplane mode. How to do that? When you receive a notification of a message on the instant messaging app, you immediately activate airplane mode via Quick Settings or Control Center. Once this step is complete, you log into WhatsApp and read the message you received. In this way, neither the double blue ticks will appear nor will our friends see us online. If we want to respond to the message, we will have to take off airplane mode and activate the data connection or Wi-Fi.

Use the Unseen application

The most effective way to read messages on WhatsApp and appear offline is to use the Unseen application. It is an app that can be used not only for WhatsApp, but also for other apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber that show when a message has been read. The operation of Unseen is very simple. First you must download it from the online store and install it on your smartphone (for the moment it is only available for Android). Once the installation is complete, you'll be able to start using Unseen. When you receive a message on WhatsApp, it will also arrive on Unseen. Opening it through this application, our friend who sent us the message will not see the blue ticks and will not understand that we are online. The reading confirmation will come to him only in case we decide to reply.