WhatsApp, how to block unknown contacts

On WhatsApp anyone who has retrieved our phone number can contact us with messages or calls, here's how to block strangers on the application

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world, with over 1.5 billion people using it on a monthly basis. We should not be surprised, therefore, if from time to time we happen to receive WhatsApp messages from strangers or, at least, from users we have not registered in the address book.

This would not be a problem at all if WhatsApp was not also used to send spam messages, various chain letters and dangerous phishing invitations with which skilled hackers could steal our data. In short, if you receive messages from unknown numbers, we could also have to deal with scam attempts or annoying and time-stealing messages. Fortunately, the messaging platform provides you with tools to defend your privacy and personal data.

How to block strangers on WhatsApp

Most of the unknown contacts who write or call us on WhatsApp are people we know in real life, but who have actually changed their number or whom we have lost track of for a long time. Sometimes, however, the messaging application is also used by malicious people who want to spy on us and harass us, or by cyber criminals who use WhatsApp to spread their online scams. When we receive messages and verify that it is a complete stranger, we can block them.

How? Simple. When you receive a WhatsApp message from a contact not saved in the address book, two buttons will appear at the top of the screen: Block or Add. If we tap on Block there will appear a pop-up in the screen of our smartphone where we will be asked whether to block the contact or mark it. We choose the option that best suits our case and that's it.