WhatsApp, how to disable the double blue tick

By changing some WhatsApp settings, you can not show your contacts the double blue tick: here's how to do it

The double blue ticks of WhatsApp are one of the most "loved and hated" features of the messaging application. On the one hand they allow you to understand when the recipient of the message has read it, but on the other hand they are considered as a kind of privacy restriction. After many complaints from users, WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows you to disable the double blue ticks. A great step forward under the point of privacy, but this new feature also has some drawbacks.

Activating it within your account, you will no longer be able to find out if your friends have read the messages we have sent. Also, WhatsApp's double blue checkmark cannot be disabled within groups. If you don't want to disable the double blue ticks, you should know that there are some tricks that allow you to read the messages you receive without your friends finding out. Here's how to do it

How to disable double blue tick WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

To not show the double blue tick in WhatsApp chats, developers have introduced the feature "Read Confirmations". By deactivating it from the personal account, our contacts will never know if we have read their message. The feature, however, is bidirectional: if we disable the double blue ticks, even we won't be able to see if our friends read the messages we send them.

If you are still convinced to disable WhatsApp's double blue ticks, you have to follow these simple steps on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

On Android you have to enter inside WhatsApp, press on the icon with three vertical dots in the top right corner and then select the Settings. At this point press on Accounts and then Privacy. Scrolling down, you will find the "Read Confirmations" option and you need to uncheck it. Once done, the double blue tick will disappear from your WhatsApp account.

If you have an iPhone, the procedure to follow is very similar. Launch WhatsApp, go into Settings and select the Account and then Privacy items. A tab will open and turn off the toggle present next to the "Read confirmations" item. You'll find a note warning you "If you turn off read confirmations, you won't be able to see other people's read confirmations. Read confirmations are always sent for group chats".

For WhatsApp Web version you cannot disable read confirmations.

How to read WhatsApp messages secretly without showing the double blue checkmarks

If you do not want to disable WhatsApp double blue checkmarks, there are some tricks to read WhatsApp messages without your friends knowing. These are very simple tricks that work on all smartphones.

To secretly see WhatsApp messages, you need to turn off Wi-Fi or turn on airplane mode. What it means. When we receive a message on the messaging application, a notification alerts us to the presence of new messages to read. At this point we enter the settings of the smartphone and disable the Wi-Fi or activate the airplane mode. We wait a few seconds and enter WhatsApp: the messages we have appens received, are downloaded in the background and we can read them without problems. Since there is no active connection on the smartphone, our friends will not receive the double blue tick.

Once we have read the message, we can turn Wi-Fi back on or disable airplane mode and our friend will not receive the double blue tick to confirm reading of the message.