WhatsApp, how to download animated stickers

The first animated sticker pack is available on WhatsApp. Here's how to download it and who can use it

New big step towards the final release of animated stickers on WhatsApp. As announced by the guys at WaBetaInfo, in the new beta version of the application has been added the first pack of animated stickers that can be downloaded from the WhatsApp store. This is the first step towards a final release in the stable version: if all tests are successful then it will arrive shortly for all.

The animated stickers are a feature on which developers have been working for some time now and that will serve mainly to make more fun and colorful conversations with friends. The feature was clamored for by users, especially due to the fact that it has been present on Telegram for quite some time. On WhatsApp so far were only available "static" stickers, a kind of emoticons little larger and fully customizable by users. Animated stickers will also be able to be created directly by users and then be uploaded to the WhatsApp Store, so they can be downloaded by everyone.

WhatsApp, first animated sticker pack arrives

The first animated sticker pack is available on the WhatsApp Store: Playful Piyomaru, available for both iOS and Android users. This means that creators can finally upload stickers made by them to the app's store and share them with their friends in conversations. As anticipated earlier, for the moment the feature is only available on the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Inoltre, lo strumento non è attivo per tutti gli utenti, ma solo per alcuni scelti dagli sviluppatori.

Che cosa sono e come funzionano gli sticker animati

Gli sticker animati sono una nuova funzionalità che WhatsApp sta introducendo all’interno delle conversazioni per renderle più divertenti. Il funzionamento è lo stesso degli adesivi “normali", con l’unica differenza che si muovono.

Come spiegato dai ragazzi di WaBetaInfo, in questa prima fase saranno tre i step per utilizzare gli sticker animati:

  • la possibilità di vederli nelle conversazioni e di salvarli per poterli inviare agli amici
  • la possibilità di importare nuovi adesivi nello store di WhatsApp
  • la possibilità di effettuare il download di sticker animati dal negozio di WhatsApp.

How to download the animated stickers of WhatsApp

To make the download of a new pack of stickers, you have to enter a conversation, press in the space where to enter the message and press the icon with the smiley face present on the keyboard. All the stickers you already have on your smartphone will appear and if you swipe to the right, a gear icon will appear. Clicking on it will open the WhatsApp store where you can download the animated stickers (when they are uploaded).

How to download the update

The first pack of animated stickers comes with the latest WhatsApp beta update, number for Android and number for iOS.