WhatsApp, how to recover old files deleted by update

WhatsApp on Android has started deleting old conversations not saved in the cloud for more than a year, here's how to avoid losing them forever

For a couple of days WhatsApp has started deleting messages more than a year old not present within any backup. This is a "side effect" of the agreement between the messaging platform and Google, which allows unlimited space for WhatsApp Android backups.

Unfortunately, even if conversations, photos and various files are no longer present within your personal profile, you can recover deleted messages on WhatsApp quite simply. That way, even if you forgot to back up before the Google-WhatsApp agreement came into effect, you'll be able to get back possession of the chats and files that were deleted. In short, in case you can no longer find old conversations, take a few minutes of free time and let's see how to recover deleted WhatsApp files.

How to recover WhatsApp files before losing them forever

To avoid losing our important files like contacts, photos, videos or documents inside WhatsApp forever we need to backup our conversations as soon as possible. How to do this? Simple, just open the app and then go to Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and then choosing the Chat item. In the tab that opens, tap on the Chat Backup option. We'll notice a green button Run Backup, before pressing it and backing up texts on Google Drive we'll scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the item Include Videos so as not to lose old videos saved in conversations with more than twelve months. Once the videos are checked, click on Backup and wait for the process to be completed. And that's it.