WhatsApp, how to respond privately to group messages

On WhatsApp there is a feature that allows you to respond privately to a message received on a group: here's how to do it

The WhatsApp groups are the cross and delight of the social application. They allow you to quickly communicate with your friends, co-workers and family, to organize surprise birthday parties, or to meet new people. But they're also a big hassle, especially if there are a lot of them: every time a new message is received, the notification LED lights up and the smartphone vibrates.

To make group management less stressful, WhatsApp has over time introduced new tools: you can mute a group that's "too noisy", or limit the number of invitations you receive from friends. Another big problem with WhatsApp groups is the confusion that reigns within the conversation. If we do not control a group for a couple of hours, keeping the logical thread of the speech and answering a question asked by a friend is complicated. There is, however, a simple trick that allows you to solve this problem at the root: respond privately to messages received in WhatsApp groups. Few people know about it, but for some time now the application has introduced a feature that allows you to select a message in a group and respond privately to the person who wrote it. Here's how it works.

How to reply privately to messages in WhatsApp groups

Many times it happens that you want to reply privately to a WhatsApp message received in a group, but you are not able to do so. In fact, few users are familiar with the "Reply privately" feature introduced by the app's developers quite some time ago. How does it work? Very simple, if you read a message in a group and you want to reply privately to the person, just press on the "Reply privately" item to do so. The problem is that the feature is hidden in the chat settings and few people know about it. In this guide we explain how to take advantage of it to make your WhatsApp conversations less chaotic.

To reply privately to a WhatsApp message received in a group you have to select it. On the screen you will see several icons with some features of the application: press on the three vertical icons at the top right and on the pop-up menu select "Reply privately". At this point you will open the "one to one" conversation you have with that person and the possibility of directly responding to the previously selected message.

This simple WhatsApp trick will simplify the management of groups and better communication with your closest friends.