WhatsApp, how to send messages without being online

Using the airplane mode you can send messages on WhatsApp even without an Internet connection: here's how it works

Becoming invisible on WhatsApp is the dream of many, but impossible to achieve for anyone. One of the basic requirements of WhatsApp is an Internet connection without which you can neither send messages nor receive them. As soon as we connect to the application or respond to a message, we immediately become "online" and our friends can know our status.

Although users use many tricks to hide their status on WhatsApp, it takes very little to understand if a person has viewed our message and has not responded. But not everyone knows a really very useful WhatsApp trick that allows you to send messages to your friends without being connected to the Internet. We said at the beginning that the connection is essential to use WhatsApp, but taking advantage of a feature of the smartphone you can get around this obligation. We are talking about the airplane mode, little used by users, but very useful. Here's how to send messages on WhatsApp without being online.

Trick WhatsApp, how to use airplane mode

Airplane mode is a feature present on all smartphones that allows you to disconnect your device from any type of network. You can't call or use your SIM card data. Usually used when traveling by plane, the mode also proves very useful for sending messages on WhatsApp without being online. How does it work? Very simple. Just activate airplane mode on your smartphone (you can do this from the toggle present in Settings on both Android and iOS) and enter WhatsApp. Choose a conversation and send a message. At this point the message has been sent to your friend, but it will remain on standby until your smartphone is connected to the Internet. A simple WhatsApp trick, but very effective.

There would also be another way to send messages on WhatsApp without being connected, but it involves installing third-party applications that are not secure and whose sole purpose is to steal your personal data.