WhatsApp, how to update contacts

If you do not display correctly on WhatsApp the contacts in your address book you may have a problem with the application: here's how to solve it

To send a message to a person on WhatsApp is very simple: just add his number in the address book, open the application, press on the icon to create a new message, select the contact name and write the message. All very easy, at least on the surface. Very often, however, when we go to look for the number of the person within the address book of WhatsApp we do not find it. Why? There are several reasons for this: the WhatsApp address book has not updated automatically, there may be problems with the messaging application, or WhatsApp does not have permissions to access our contacts. For each of these issues there is a simple solution or a trick to solve quickly. Having the address book of WhatsApp contacts always up to date allows you to make the best use of the messaging application and take full advantage of its potential. Here's how to update WhatsApp contacts on both Android and iOS.

Check WhatsApp Permissions

One of the reasons why WhatsApp address book doesn't update when we add a new number could be the lack of permissions granted to the application. As you know, when you install a new app you are asked for permissions to access certain features of the smartphone: among WhatsApp's permissions is access to the address book. If we have accidentally denied it, it is normal that WhatsApp contacts are not updated. What to do in this case? Very simple, just authorize the application to have access to contacts.

If you have an iPhone, you must enter the Settings and scroll down until you find the entry "WhatsApp". Press on the name of the app and a new page will open: look for the "Contacts" item and enable it.

On Android the procedure is very similar. Go into Settings, press on "Apps and notifications" and then on "App permissions". On the new page that will open, select "Contacts" and then put a check mark next to WhatsApp. This should automatically sync your smartphone and WhatsApp address book.

How to sync WhatsApp contact book

If you still haven't solved the problem of your contact book not syncing, you need to force your hand and do it manually. WhatsApp allows you to update your address book directly within the app. To do this, just launch the app, press on the icon to create a new message and then click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. A menu will open with several options: select Update and your WhatsApp contacts will update with those of your smartphone's address book.

Update WhatsApp to the latest version available

In some cases the problem may depend on the version of WhatsApp you are using. Updating the application should not cause any problems. To update WhatsApp the procedure is very simple: Android users must enter the Google Play Store and access the section dedicated to the apps installed on the smartphone, while on iOS just launch the App Store and access the area dedicated to application updates.