WhatsApp, how to use the call on hold

On WhatsApp is available the feature to put a call or a video call on hold: here's how it works

With a surprise stroke WhatsApp has released a new feature for its users: the call on hold. As it normally happens for calls that take place on the "conventional" network, now also on the messaging application you can put a phone call on hold and better manage incoming ones. A function designed for all those who use WhatsApp calls and video calls for work and every day receive dozens of them.

The tool is very easy to use and is already available for both Android and iOS users: just update the application to the latest version available. The new feature is part of a process that is leading WhatsApp to be more and more a three hundred and sixty degrees application and less and less a simple messaging app. In the coming months, in fact, it will be possible for users to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones at the same time, a feature that until now had never been considered by the developers.

How to manage call waiting on WhatsApp

Call waiting is a feature that will make many users of the messaging app happy. If someone tries to call you on WhatsApp or on your phone while you are engaged in another call or video call on WhatsApp, you now have a tool that allows you to accept, reject or put it on hold.

The app's new feature provides two specific cases, depending on whether the second call you receive comes from WhatsApp or from outside WhatsApp.

If someone calls you on WhatsApp while you are already engaged in another call on the messaging app, a double option will appear on the screen: End and Accept or Reject. If you choose the first one, the current call will end and the incoming call will start; in the second case, however, you will continue with the call and reject the incoming one.

If the new phone call you received comes from outside WhatsApp, the procedure changes depending on whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone. On the Android smartphone you can choose between three options: Answer (end the current call and accept the incoming one), Reject (reject the incoming call and continue with the one you were already making), Filter Call (Google Assistant filters the call and asks the caller what they want).

On the iPhone there are three options as well, but they are slightly different: End and Accept (accept the incoming call and end the one you were making); Reject (reject the incoming call and continue the current one), Hold and Answer (put the current call on hold and answer the incoming one).

Depending on the carrier there might be charges for calls outside WhatsApp.

How to get the new WhatsApp feature

To use the incoming call on WhatsApp you need to update the app to the latest version available. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download the latest WhatsApp update.