WhatsApp, how to use the Change Phone Number feature

Waiting for the much desired multi-device WhatsApp, here's what procedure to follow if we want to change our number on WhatsApp and if we also change our smartphone.

WhatsApp has been the most used app for chatting on both Android and iOS for years and, in fact, has replaced the old SMS. The reason for this success is simple: WhatsApp is easy to use, even for elderly users, it always works (WhatsApp downs exist, but they are very rare) and, above all, unlike what happens with SMS, it is possible to change number on WhatsApp.

This means that, when we change operator or just phone number, all our previous conversations will be inherited on the new profile, associated with the new number. A great convenience, allowed by the automatic procedure called just "Change phone number". A procedure that, in some cases, is almost mandatory because it is not yet possible to use the same WhatsApp on multiple phone numbers. Fortunately, this is a very simple procedure, which is done directly from the WhatsApp app. Here's how.

WhatsApp: what happens if you change your number

Changing your phone number on WhatsApp is a bit like moving house: all the information from your previous account will be transferred to your new one, including your name, profile photo and groups you participate in, and then the profile associated with your old number will be deleted.

This means that your contacts will no longer see your previous number among their contacts, because it will disappear from their list. Tuttavia, la cronologia delle chat resterà disponibile sul dispositivo.

WhatsApp: Cambia numero di telefono sullo stesso dispositivo

Usare la funzione Cambia numero di telefono su WhatsApp se non cambiamo anche smartphone è semplicissimo, è solo necessario che il nuovo numero sia già completamente attivo e in grado di ricevere SMS e chiamate (e che abbia una connessione a Internet).

Se è tutto ok, con la nuova SIM inserita nello smartphone possiamo aprire l’app di WhatsApp e andare nel menu principale (i tre puntini in alto a destra). Poi dovremo andare su Impostazioni > Account > Cambia numero e scegliere Avanti.

Ci verrà chiesto il vecchio numero già associato a WhatsApp e il nuovo numero da associare. You can then choose whether to notify all of your contacts (or just a few, if you choose manually) that you have changed your number on WhatsApp.

Even if you do not notify them, however, a notification will appear in chats and groups that you participated in with your old number, alerting them that you have changed your number on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: Change phone number on a new device

If, however, we also want to change the smartphone and not just the number associated with WhatsApp, the procedure is a bit more cumbersome, which begins by creating a backup with Google Drive on the old phone.

At this point we will have to change the number on the old device and install WhatsApp on the new one, registering the new phone number and, immediately after, we will have to restore the backup created previously.