WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook down: what’s going on

This is a global blackout with problems all over the world: the details.

UPDATE 7:20 PM - The situation seems to be heading towards a solution: most users are now able to use both WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook and Messenger from both Web and mobile. The general down of all services of the Facebook group, therefore, lasted about 90 minutes.


UPDATE 7:00 PM - The down continues and worsens: now Facebook Messenger doesn't work either.


WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook: the Holy Trinity of social and messaging don't work today, March 19, 2021, starting at about 6 PM worldwide. A global down, then, but partial: Facebook, for example, from web browser works but from mobile app in many cases it doesn't.

If we try to open the Instagram site, instead, we receive an error: "5xx Server Error". From the app, however, it fails to update the feed. The WhatsApp app opens but doesn't send or receive messages, while WhatsApp Web can't connect to the smartphone.

We're monitoring the situation, we'll update this article as more information becomes available.