WhatsApp is not working January 22, what’s happening

WhatsApp is not working throughout Italy since 19:30 on January 22. Unknown the reasons of the down of the application: the fault could be of the servers

WhatsApp is down since 19:30 today: users trying to access the messaging application can neither send nor receive messages. The problem does not concern only Italy, but the whole world. The causes of the problems are unknown, but it is most likely due to WhatsApp servers that have gone down.

In a few minutes the hashtag #whatsappdown has gone viral on social networks with many messages from users looking for information on why WhatsApp is not working. Even on the site downdetector.com, a portal where users report the anomalies of web services, in a few minutes hundreds of messages were published by people looking for information on what was happening. From the map on the site you can see that WhatsApp down does not affect only Italy, but several countries around the world. The problem seems to be quite large, but WhatsApp technicians are already working to solve the problem and get the application back up and running.

Why WhatsApp is not working

The causes of the WhatsApp malfunction are unknown, but most likely the problem is due to the servers that host the application. In these cases, the inefficiency should last a few minutes or at most a few hours. For the moment, the staff of the messaging app has not released any kind of information and the reasons for WhatsApp down are not known. In the coming hours we will surely know more. the problem of WhatsApp could also be related to the down of the servers of Electronics Arts.

If you need to talk to your friends, you can use alternatives to WhatsApp such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Update 20:05. It would seem that the down of WhatsApp has returned. The application is slowly returning to normal.