WhatsApp, is the third tick coming?

A message is circulating warning users that WhatsApp is introducing the third blue tick. Here's what's true

In 2020, the third blue tick will arrive on WhatsApp that will help users figure out who took a screenshot of the conversation. In the last few hours is running on the web and in the chats of the messaging application this news. But how much is true? Nothing, this is yet another hoax that from time to time is reproposed on social platforms and within WhatsApp.

The exact same news had already been published last year, with the exact same words and features. These days, the classic keyboard jokers have simply replaced 2019 with 2020 and published the fake news. And such it remains. The developers are not working on any new functionality that would add a third blue notification to signal when a screenshot of the conversation is taken. In addition to being a serious privacy concern, it would also be a fairly complicated tool to develop. In this period, moreover, WhatsApp technicians are busy with much more serious activities, such as the development of the dark mode and the possibility of using the same account on multiple smartphones.

The third tick of WhatsApp: what is true

As also published by the site bufale.net, specializing in unmasking fake news, there is nothing true about the introduction of a third blue tick that warns users when a screenshot of the conversation has been made. The message that is circulating in these hours on the main social channels and WhatsApp groups is the result of the inventiveness of a prankster. There is nothing true: a third blue tick will never be introduced in the messaging application, at least in the short term.

In the message we read that the feature would already be active in the beta version of WhatsApp, the one used by developers to test the new tools before releasing them officially. Another thing that is not true: at this time there are two features on which the technicians are working, the dark mode and the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. These are two new features that we should see in a few weeks or months on the app and that will bring a big change.