WhatsApp, new way to see videos

On Android came the Picture-in-Picture mode that allows you to see n videos on WhatsApp and continue talking with your friends. Here's how it works

New features in sight for WhatsApp: in the latest version of the application available for Android is the Picture-in-Picture mode that allows you to see the videos received and continue messaging with your friends. For WhatsApp this is not a real novelty: the same feature was released in January this year for iOS, but for Android you had to wait a little longer.

In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android the Picture-in-Picture feature was on trial since last October: in these two months of testing there were no significant problems and now it has been released for all users. This is not a life-changing feature for users, but it will definitely improve the usability of the application. To use PiP mode, you need to update WhatsApp to version 2.18.330: to do so, just go to the Google Play Store, click on "My Apps and My Games" and download the latest version of the messaging app.

How to use WhatsApp's Picture-in-Picture feature

Thanks to the Picture-in-Picture feature, you can watch videos from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and continue chatting with your friends. When you open the link of the movie, a small window appears at the top of the screen and starts playing the video, while in the part below you can continue to send messages to your friends. All very simple and immediate. To use PiP mode you don't need to activate any feature in the menu, but it is active by default on all smartphones that have the latest version of WhatsApp. Picture-in-Picture works both in single chats and in WhatsApp groups.

The only negative note concerns the lack of support for videos that are uploaded directly within WhatsApp: in this case the classic video screen that takes up the whole screen opens. Surely WhatsApp developers are working to implement PiP mode even within "native" videos.

How to activate Picture-in-Picture feature

As mentioned, to get Picture-in-Picture mode you don't have to activate any feature within the menu, but only download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store.