WhatsApp news: how the new groups work

WhatsApp in the new version has updated several features in groups, and after months of waiting you will be able to make calls to multiple users at once

WhatsApp every month, not to say every week, is enriched with new functions and new features. Over time, one of the aspects of the messaging application that has undergone the most changes is the groups, which have become one of the most used features by users.

Groups on WhatsApp are widely used because they can be useful for several reasons. They are convenient, for example, to keep informed about work news with colleagues. Or to share questions and opinions about classes, if we go to school or university. Obviously they are also the preferred channel for friends to organize evenings and reunions. But there are also WhatsApp groups for exchanging car rides or buying and selling used items. In short, there are practically an infinite number of methods to use groups on the instant messaging application.

Administration rules

With the new WhatsApp update on groups, the administration rules have changed. The app has, in fact, thought of implementing new rules to "protect" administrators. These, in fact, can no longer be deleted by other administrators of the same group. Thanks to this new specification it will be more difficult to create confusion and particular divergences between members of the same group. This is a very useful innovation especially in very large groups.


Thanks to the new update even those who are not administrators of a group on WhatsApp will be able to change the topic, description and icon of a particular chat. In this way, customization and interaction on groups should increase.

Group calls

This is perhaps the most awaited novelty by users. In the new version of WhatsApp, in fact, you will also be able to make group voice calls. In this way we will be able to hear more friends, relatives or colleagues at the same time. In this way it will be very easy to manage working groups.