WhatsApp, not only photos in the states: come the colored backgrounds

On WhatsApp come the States with colored texts and links, a function very similar to the customizable posts already present on Facebook

Despite the initial skepticism the new States with photos are having a good success on WhatsApp. So much so that the developers of the messaging application have decided to add the ability to insert colored text within the States, as is already the case on Facebook.

Beware though, to get this new feature on your smartphone we must go to the Play Store or App Store and update the app. Let's not trust the messages that are circulating within WhatsApp with a link for the automatic update as it is a scam. With the latest version of the application, users will be able to choose not only whether to publish a State with a text or a photo but also choose the colors, fonts and backgrounds to include in their pop-up sentences. The developers let it be known that in the texts you will also be able to add a link. A feature that could be used in the future to advertise products as well.

The latest challenge to Snapchat

The new WhatsApp feature is not a first. Facebook started testing the same feature back in early 2016 and then made posts with colored text possible for all users starting in March 2017. And the same Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, expects a lot from this new update. The colored states, with the possibility of adding links, want to be yet another challenge launched to Snapchat, which at the moment is the main opponent of the famous social media with about 250 million daily users who use pop-up texts and photos. It should also be remembered that on WhatsApp even colored texts, as well as photos, last only 24 hours. As is also the case with Instagram Stories. Although the public success of the two functions is not comparable, given the clear prevalence of Instagram. A success that could come soon, however, for WhatsApp since the colored texts inserted as a State will be visible not only on the application but also on the desktop platform.