WhatsApp notifications blocked on iPhone, how to fix it

Many users are complaining about a bug related to WhatsApp notifications on iOS 11, here's how to fix it while waiting for an update

With the new update of the mobile operating system iOS 11 users have started spotting a bug related to the WhatsApp messaging app. Installing the new version often results in the app's notifications being blocked by default and incoming messages not arriving.

The block to incoming notifications almost always happens after users close the app from the multitasking screen. During the session lock, the iPhone displays a warning informing the user that by stopping WhatsApp, new incoming notifications may not be reported. In practice to find out that we have received a message we will have to reopen the application and start a new session. In practice, it's as if WhatsApp no longer has permission to show notifications even when the screen is turned off. At the moment, however, neither WhatsApp nor Cupertino have identified the bug as an internal problem in their systems.

How to avoid notifications block

Apple is already working to release a new update. Until the problem is solved iPhone users can use small "tricks" to get around the notification blocking on WhatsApp. The easiest and quickest tip to avoid not receiving new incoming messages is to never close WhatsApp from the multitasking screen. Often when we use the iPhone we tend to close all open apps because we have been taught that in this way we will increase battery life. Apple, however, ensures that apps that work when the screen is off have a minimal impact on battery life thanks to new settings introduced in iOS 11. So waiting for the bug to be fixed to not be isolated from conversations we will just never close WhatsApp from multitasking. If we like to keep our iPhone organized and want to close everything that we are not using we can try another technique. We take the smartphone and go to the messaging app, at this point we go to the Notifications section and select the item "Restore notification settings". Be careful though, in some cases this trick might not work.