WhatsApp, official arrival of animated stickers: how they work

WhatsApp releases animated stickers that allow you to make your conversations more fun. Here's how they work and how to download them

WhatsApp promised it and it has done it: animated stickers are now available on the app. The communication comes from the app itself, which has posted a video on its social accounts announcing the arrival of the new stickers. The feature is being released and will be available for everyone in the coming days. It's a further step forward for the program of updates that the messaging platform's technicians have put on the calendar for the next few weeks: now all that's left is the QR code to share your phone number.

The animated stickers are certainly not a tool that revolutionizes the app, but they were clamored for by users, since they've been present on Telegram for a while now. Grazie a questi nuovi adesivi le chat diventeranno più animate e sicuramente più divertenti. Gli sticker animati si trovano nella stessa sezione dove sono presenti gli adesivi normali: potranno essere scaricati dal WhatsApp Store e utilizzati nelle conversazioni con i propri amici.

Che cosa sono gli sticker animati su WhatsApp

Presenti da oramai un paio di settimane nella versione beta di WhatsApp, gli sticker animati ora fanno il loro debutto anche nella versione “normale". Che cosa sono gli sticker animati? Molto semplicemente si tratta di adesivi che si muovono e che permettono di rendere più “movimentate" le chat con i propri amici.

WhatsApp ha rilasciato nella versione beta cinque pacchetti di sticker animati da poter scaricare sul proprio smartphone e altri ne arriveranno nelle prossime settimane. I cinque pacchetti di adesivi sono:

  • Playful Piyomaru,
  • Chummy Chum Chums,
  • Rico’s Sweet Life,
  • Bright Days,
  • Moody Foodies.

How animated stickers work on WhatsApp

The operation of animated stickers is quite simple: users have the ability to see the stickers sent by their friends, select them and use it in turn in other conversations. Alternatively, you can access the WhatsApp Store and download new sticker packs published by WhatsApp or third-party developers. Even the users themselves can create custom stickers and publish them on the store of the application.

How to download animated stickers on WhatsApp

The animated stickers will be availablein the same section where there are regular stickers. To download them you have to open WhatsApp, enter a conversation and press on the space where you want to enter the message so that the keyboard opens. At this point tap on the Stickers icon and press on the first icon "Add (+)". All the most used sticker packages will appear. At the moment they are all static stickers, in the coming weeks you will also find animated ones.

How to download WhatsApp update

The feature is being released these days and before it arrives for all users you will also have to wait a few days. To check if the WhatsApp update is available you need to open the Google Play Store or the App Store and check for availability. If yes, download it immediately, otherwise wait for a few days.