WhatsApp on iPhone, facial recognition active

WhatsApp for iPhone updates with a new feature that forces the user to use biometric data to access the application: how it works

The WhatsApp chats are more secure from today. Developers have added a new feature to the iPhone version that makes it impossible for snoopers to access WhatsApp chats from your smartphone. From the Settings of the app you can enable the "Screen Lock" feature: every time you access WhatsApp you will need to be recognized through FaceID (if you have an iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max) or Touch ID.

Usersers will not have to register their fingerprint or face on WhatsApp, but the application will automatically use the biometric data already saved during the initial configuration of the iPhone. This is a feature that increases the security of WhatsApp and the personal information that users share through the application. Here's how to do in order to activate the new security feature on WhatsApp.

How to activate Screen Lock on WhatsApp

To protect WhatsApp chats, you need to activate the new feature from the app's Settings. The procedure to follow is very simple: we need to access the app, enter Settings, press on Account and then on Privacy. Scrolling down we'll have to tap on the "Screen Lock" item and then activate the "Require FaceID/Touch ID" feature (the wording changes depending on the iPhone version). Completed this step, the feature should be active: every time we try to access the application we will be asked to unlock it through face recognition or fingerprint. If the attempts are unsuccessful, the application will ask you for the iPhone unlock code.

WhatsApp also offers the possibility for users to decide after how long to request unlocking via biometric sensors: "Immediately", "After 1 minute", "After 15 minutes", "After 1 hour".

If you haven't found the "Screen Lock" feature in WhatsApp Settings, we recommend updating the application from the App Store. The feature is present since version 2.19.20 of WhatsApp.