WhatsApp, photo preview directly in notifications

WhatsApp is updating its algorithms, in the new version for iOS and Android will be possible to see from the notification of new message the preview of a f

WhatsApp is experiencing a period of continuous updates, a series of improvements designed to make the famous messaging application more and more efficient. In the new version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS we will find a new preview function to see the photos already in the notifications.

The new update designed by WhatsApp developers will change in part our way of interacting with incoming photos, in fact now we can take a look at the image sent by a contact already from the preview of the notification, that is without the need to enter the application to understand what photo it is. Currently to view a photo on WhatsApp is necessary to enter the app and then enter the chat where the shot was sent and in the notification we will see only the symbol of a camera that symbolizes the sending of a photo by a contact. From today, however, that symbol will disappear and in addition to the preview of the text we will also have a small preview of the incoming image.

How the new photo preview of WhatsApp works

The preview, which will appear in the notifications of new messages, will not only serve to understand what photo we have received but also to distinguish a classic image from a GIF. In this way already before entering the chat we will know if we have received a GIF or a simple photograph. This function as well as comfortable also has a double sense, we can in fact thanks to this new feature protect our privacy. With the preview photos we can read WhatsApp messages without being discovered. Attention, however, this feature is usable only if we have set the automatic download of incoming media files. Otherwise, to see the photo we will have to enter the chat and download it manually.

At the moment the new WhatsApp feature is being tested in beta version on some iOS devices and Android but soon it will be released for all. In order to use it, we'll obviously have to go to the App Store, if we have an iPhone, or Google Play Store, if we have an Android phone, and update the WhatsApp application to the latest version available.