WhatsApp, possible to see Facebook and Instagram videos in chats

In the new update of the famous messaging application it will be possible to view Facebook and Instagram videos in chats

Nth update for the WhatsApp application, which has arrived at its version 2.18.51. In recent times, the famous application for has implemented several new features and now it will allow users to watch Facebook and Instagram videos in chats.

For some time now, the application has allowed the internal playback of YouTube videos in chats and now the function will be expanded to movies uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. In addition, thanks to the "picture-in-picture" mode, the video being played can be resized and moved anywhere you want, thus giving you the possibility to chat with other users while watching the movie. This is a natural step forward for WhatsApp, which being owned by Facebook, as well as Instagram, is increasingly aiming for maximum interaction between the three platforms.

How to use the new WhatsApp feature

If we don't see the new feature for viewing Facebook and Instagram videos within WhatsApp, it means that we haven't updated the messaging application to its latest available version. Once we're done, we can start sending (and receiving, of course), links related to Facebook and Instagram videos. Unlike in the past, the videos will be uploaded as a preview directly in the chat and can be viewed in streaming. As mentioned, thanks to PiP, the video will be able to be opened and viewed in a small "standalone" window, giving us the opportunity to continue chatting.

The other new features of WhatsApp version 2.18.51

In addition to displaying Facebook and Instagram videos in chats with the new update on WhatsApp, if you are a group administrator, you can remove administrator rights from other users enrolled in the group. To do this select the administrator entry in "Group Information" and then tap on "Ignore as administrator". Also from the new version of WhatsApp, group administrators can choose which users can edit the subject, icon and description of a group and which ones cannot. To do so, they have to go to "Group Info" and then tap on Group Settings".