WhatsApp, problem with iPhone notifications. What’s going on

Several iPhone users have reported numerous bugs on WhatsApp notifications by updating the instant messaging app to its latest version

WhatsApp has just launched its latest update but apparently this new version of the instant messaging app has incompatibilities with iOS operating systems found on iPhones and iPads.

Specifically, some iPhone users have noticed that with the latest WhatsApp update, notifications have continuous bugs. For example, sometimes the number of a sender appears but not his name, even if the person who wrote the message is one of our registered contacts. A very annoying inefficiency because it could lead to exchanges in person and subsequent embarrassing situations. At the moment, the problems with WhatsApp iPhone notifications seem to be limited to users who have installed the latest version of the application (the 2.18.52). In addition to the disappearance of the name, other users have encountered other bugs on notifications: sometimes, for example, incoming messages appear even when the screen is locked showing the entire content of the message and not just a preview.

Bug on notifications for WhatsApp on iPhone

According to the leaker WhatsApp Beta Info, the bug is encountered by iPhone users only if the device is locked. Once you enter the unlock code and open WhatsApp, the messages will be "attributed" to the names in the address book and we can thus know exactly who sent what. The developers of the messaging app have made it known that they are already working with the iOS team to resolve the inefficiency as soon as possible and allow users to resume using WhatsApp efficiently on iPhones. The problem is one of compatibility between iOS and WhatsApp since the same application, at the same version 2.18.52, has not given any issues to Android smartphone users.