WhatsApp, problems with video playback: what’s going on

WhatsApp has some problems with YouTube video playback: here's what's going on

If in the last few days you're having problems with YouTube video playback on WhatsApp, you don't have to worry, you're not the only one. This is said by the guys at WaBetaInfo who published a post on their Twitter account. In fact, the problem does not really concern the playback of YouTube videos, but the PiP feature, or Picture-in-picture that allows you to see a video in a small frame while continuing to chat on WhatsApp.

This is a fairly recent feature and that has been integrated into WhatsApp recently. Probably few people have noticed its arrival, but it is a pretty useful tool and allows you to do two things at once: on the one hand, see the YouTube video, on the other hand, comment on it live with your friends. What's the problem? What is happening these days? Very simply, the PiP mode does not work and does not start the video.

Why can't you see YouTube videos on WhatsApp

The alarm was raised by the guys at WaBetaInfo with a post on their Twitter account and they received dozens of comments confirming it. Those who try to open in PiP mode a YouTube video received on WhatsApp cannot see it. The problem does not only affect a particular type of smartphone or a particular version of YouTube, but all WhatsApp users, on any platform or version. PiP mode doesn't work on iPhone, Android, or even WhatsApp Web.

According to WaBetaInfo and also reading comments from other users, the problem seems to stem from some changes to YouTube's API that don't make the video appear in PiP mode. To solve it, therefore, all you have to do is wait for some update released by WhatsApp or YouTube. We will see in the coming weeks how the situation will evolve.