WhatsApp returns a feature deleted long ago: what is it

WhatsApp adds back the Camera feature that allows you to take photos and record videos from the app. Here's how it works

With the update to version of WhatsApp beta for Android, one of the features most loved by users and that had been inexplicably removed by developers a few weeks ago is back: the shortcut to access the app's built-in camera. The shortcut was present within the menu that appears when you press on the "paperclip" icon in the box where you enter messages.

The icon that says "Camera" had been removed to make way for "Room", the new WhatsApp feature that allows you to make simultaneous video calls up to 50 people. The "Room" tool relies on Facebook Rooms, the platform created specifically for video conferencing and webinars. The shortcut was very useful for sending images to friends, family and partners taken directly with WhatsApp's built-in camera. The developers listened to user complaints and decided to include it again to improve the user experience. Version of WhatsApp beta, however, also has problems: some users report that they can't see when a person reads or receives sent messages. The glitch is only present within groups.

WhatsApp, what changes with the new version

This is definitely a minor update, but it shows how attentive WhatsApp is to user requests, even the most particular ones. The arrival of the new feature Room has forced the developers to eliminate one of the icons in the menu that opens by pressing the "paperclip". And at the expense was the "Camera" function used to access WhatsApp's built-in camera that allows you to take pictures and record videos.

With version of WhatsApp beta for Android, the Camera icon has returned to characterize the application: to use it, just press on the "paperclip" and a menu will appear on the screen that includes several tools, including the camera.

WhatsApp, problems with groups

Not all donuts come out with a hole, says an old proverb. And that's what is also happening to WhatsApp with this latest beta version. Some users who have installed it are reporting problems with notifications of receiving and reading messages sent in groups. A bug that the developers are already working on and will be fixed soon.

When the new feature arrives

For the moment it has only been added in the WhatsApp Beta version for Android, number When all the bugs are fixed, it will be released for everyone.