WhatsApp Sniffer: the dangers of the conversation spying app

Do you want to spy on WhatsApp conversations with the WhatsApp Sniffer app? It's not a good idea for you or your victim. Here's what you risk.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly among the most used and popular messaging apps in the world. It allows you to chat with your friends and contacts, but also exchange music, voice notes, photos and other documents. One of its peculiarities is its intuitiveness, but at the same time it is considered a secure application thanks to its encryption and strict privacy settings.

However, there are several applications that allow you to bypass limits and restrictions, allowing third parties to spy on your WhatsApp conversations. One of these tools is called WhatsApp Sniffer and could be used by parents to watch their children's chats without getting caught or even by suspicious partners. Unfortunately, this tool, in addition to violating the privacy of the unfortunate user, also hides dangers for those who use it.

How does WhatsApp Sniffer work?

The sniffer intercepts messages even before they arrive on WhatsApp servers, so it does not act directly within the messaging app. The goal is to catch the communication before it reaches its destination. This, however, is not an easy task, especially since end-to-end encryption exists on WhatsApp. This security feature encrypts all messages that are sent from the cell phone. They are only decrypted the moment they reach the recipient. This allows you to armor them along the route necessary for transmission, so that no one steals the information contained. So it becomes particularly difficult to intercept chats, even for the latest generation of sniffers. Another downside is that sniffing is an illegal practice, which can also lead to bitter consequences for those who want to extort information from third parties. WhatsApp Sniffer and other similar apps are therefore not present on Google Play or App Store, but can be downloaded in third-party stores, which in turn are unsafe. They can contain very dangerous malware. Just take a walk around the web, and you will find a lot of software called WhatsApp Sniffer. They often hide viruses and Trojans, so it is better to avoid downloading them to avoid losing your account.

Protect WhatsApp chats with two-step verification

To protect your WhatsApp chats from prying eyes, you can resort to two-step verification. To activate this security key, you need to launch the application and follow the path Settings > Accounts > Two-step verification. Here you need to tap on the Activate button. This way, all the chats will be locked with a double key and the app will be even more secure.