WhatsApp: stop screenshots of conversations

So soon it will no longer be possible to take screenshots of WhatsApp conversations. The application is about to introduce the novelty. Read why!

You know when a person tells you that they never wrote a certain phrase or word to you but you show them a winning screenshot of the WhatsApp message? Maybe soon you won't be able to take advantage of this damning evidence: the messaging app is thinking of banning screenshots of WhatsApp chats.

The novelty is included in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android and has been discovered by the "usual" WhatsApp BetaInfo, a particularly reliable source when it comes to the novelties of the messaging platform owned by Facebook. However, it must be said that the ban on screenshots will not be applied indiscriminately, nor do you have to start looking for new ways to take a picture of the mobile screen. As we'll see in detail in a moment, in fact, the block is directly linked to a totally optional security feature: just don't activate it and you can continue taking WhatsApp screenshots.

WhatsApp says goodbye to screenshots: here's the news

The new WhatsApp version 2.19.106 introduces some features designed to protect the privacy of users but, at the same time, eliminate one of the most loved and used features of the app.

As already seen on iPhone, also on Android should soon arrive the ability to protect our chats by activating the fingerprint unlock. In case you decide to activate it, however, you should do without screenshots: as we read in the instructions discovered by WABetaInfo, in fact, unlocking with fingerprint will prevent you from taking screenshots of WhatsApp conversations. In short, you will have to choose between privacy protection and the ability to save screenshots of conversations.