WhatsApp tests a new feature for voice messages that Telegram already has since 2018

With much delay compared to the competition WhatsApp starts working on a new feature that will make it much more convenient to use voice messages.

Voice messages have revolutionized the way we communicate via chat apps, so much so that today they are at the center of a new "audio-only" business in which apps like Clubhouse (and soon Twitter) have entered. WhatsApp introduced voicemail back in 2013, even before it was bought for $19 billion by the Facebook group.

Then, however, Facebook seems to have forgotten a bit about this feature, which, today, is not so different from the original one. In the meantime, however, hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users around the world have started using voice messages, because they are so convenient to communicate when we can't type on the smartphone keyboard. Il problema, però, è che qualcuno ne approfitta e ogni tanto ci invia il classico messaggio vocale da 10 minuti che non finisce più e, paradossalmente, è un modo scomodissimo di comunicare. A breve, però, WhatsApp introdurrà una novità per risolvere questo problema: la possibilità di cambiare la velocità di riproduzione dei messaggi vocali.

Messaggi vocali veloci: come funzioneranno

L’arrivo dei messaggi vocali “veloci“, che possono cioè essere riprodotti a velocità superiore a quella normale, non è ancora una funzione sulla quale WhatsApp sta lavorando ufficialmente: si tratta di una indiscrezione del ben noto sito WABetaInfo, il più informato sugli aggiornamenti in cantiere in casa WhatsApp.

In addition to the reliability of the source, then, there is to consider the fact that WhatsApp almost never announces in advance the news that is going to introduce, but then really introduce them as happened in recent days with video calls from WhatsApp Desktop.

We do not know much about the option to change the speed of playback of messages, then, except the fact that the feature is under development for both Android and iOS apps. It's likely to be used by pressing a special icon added to the voice playback controls.

WhatsApp is lagging behind

The news that WhatsApp is about to introduce the ability to play back voice messages at a faster speed has brought a smile to the faces of loyal users of Telegram, the most highly rated of the alternative platforms to WhatsApp. On Telegram, in fact, this feature is already there for quite a while.

It was in fact announced, and introduced (Telegram, between saying and doing, takes a month at most) at the end of June 2018. On Telegram you can only choose between normal playback speed for voice messages and 2X speed, we don't know yet if WhatsApp will offer more refined controls.