WhatsApp, the hoax of 35 euros on the electricity bill

On WhatsApp is running a message inviting people not to pay the April electricity bill for an alleged surcharge of 30-35 euros

A new hoax message is traveling in these hours on WhatsApp and is leading many people to express their anger on social networks. The message invites users not to pay the electricity bill for the month of April, because there will be an increase of 30-35 euros to cover the shortfalls that the electricity companies have suffered in recent years for the non-payment of users.

As published by the site bufale.net, this is a real fake news, but that has been very successful on social networks and on the instant messaging application, where it is shared within all groups. But why has this message been so successful? Because the news reported in the message starts from a true story (the possibility that users will pay a part of the lost revenues that electricity companies have suffered in recent years), but the text is completely made up. There will be no 30-35 euro increase on the April bill. On this point, however, it is necessary to clarify.

On February 1, ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment) issued a resolution that regulates the relationship between energy suppliers (the companies that sell electricity) and distributors (the companies that bring it into homes or businesses). When a user does not pay a bill it generates a financial hole not only in the supplier's budgets, but also in those of the distributor who has already had to advance part of the expenses for system charges. The resolution establishes that part of these expenses can also be recovered through an increase in the bills of users who pay them correctly. But on this point the Authority's resolution is not very clear. It was enough to set off a fuss first on social networks and then on WhatsApp, with the hoax news that has done nothing but increase the anger of users.

What does the hoax message say

"Good evening, I just got this message on WhatsApp: GO FOR IT! In the bill-light from next April, there will be REALLY from 30 to 35 € more (source ALTROCONSUMO Consumers Association) to cover the millions of euros accumulated by the delinquent (people who do not pay) WE DO NOT HAVE TO PAY PLEASE WAIT FOR DECISIONS OF T.A..R ... I do not pay them (I have already removed the direct debit and I will pay the amount that I deserve with a handwritten form with the amount reduced by the amount that is not due to me as per contract) BUT IT WILL WORK ONLY IF MANY PEOPLE WILL DO IT. It seems to me the case to collaborate with those who are organizing this civil and just protest ... What do you say? This is the text of the message that is circulating in these hours on WhatsApp. In addition to the approximate Italian there are many fake news. Let's start from the first: the 30-35 euro increase This is a lie: as written by Altroconsumo on its website, before a year there will be no increase and if it comes it will be a few euros. But for the moment it is impossible to make predictions. In addition, it is not possible to pay the electricity bill with a handwritten bulletin, unless the same electricity company has told you so. But in the reason for the payment there must be explained the reason for this payment made in a different way than usual. Otherwise you risk serious consequences such as the sending of the payment injunction by the electricity supplier. In short, exploiting a news that has created a lot of debate, the professionals of the fake news have managed to make viral a news without foundation.