WhatsApp, the new dangerous game that is depopulating among young people

The new game of the summer comes from the United States and involves contacting your number neighbors. Here's how it works

Summer idleness can lead teens to look for new ways to have fun. And in the age of social everything goes through the most used applications. The latest summer trend comes from the United States and immediately went viral all over the world. It's called "Number neighbor" and was born on WhatsApp. The operation is very simple: you contact on the messaging application your "number neighbor" (you add or subtract a number to the last digit of your phone number) and you start talking.

The summer game, however, does not end there. After having a long conversation with the "number neighbor", you have to share the screen with the conversation on Twitter. For what reason? Apparently there is no logical reason, it is done only to combat summer idleness. This new fashion, however, is very dangerous. Teenagers are not very familiar with the world of the Web and could become easy prey for scammers.

WhatsApp, how the new summer trend works

As already explained, the new summer game has no real logic. It is just a pastime for young people who do not know how to spend their time. The fashion comes from the USA and is called "Number neighbor". The operation is very simple and that's why it's catching on with great speed. You add in the address book of your smartphone your "number neighbor", i.e. those who have a phone number similar to ours: only the last digit changes.

Once you have added the number, you will also have it among your WhatsApp contacts. At this point you have to write him a message of presentation: if you are lucky you start a conversation. And this is where the danger arises for the younger and inexperienced. Who is really the person we are contacting? Is it a scammer? Hardly a boy or girl asks these questions before contacting a stranger. Doing so, however, puts your privacy at risk. You might fall into some trap and reveal personal information, share your bank account number or personal documents.

Moreover, the game doesn't end there. After exchanging a few messages with the "number neighbor", you have to post a screenshot of the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #numberneighbor, putting your personal information in even more danger. Our advice is not to follow these summer fads that put your privacy at risk. Before sharing personal information, always think about whose hands it might end up in.