WhatsApp to pay from January 13, 2018, but it’s a hoax

Nth chain letter about WhatsApp to pay has started on the messaging app and quickly reached thousands of devices

"WhatsApp will become paid". On the instant messaging app has started again the chain letter on the imminent change of management of WhatsApp that will force users to pay in order to use the service. A message that periodically appears on the instant messaging application and in a short time makes the rounds d'Italia.

The message began to spread the first days of January and in a short time has spread to most groups and conversations. The text of the message warns that WhatsApp will become paid from January 13, 2018 unless the user shares the message with 20 other users. It would take little to understand that it is a hoax, but there are many people who have believed the message, so much so that the keyword "WhatsApp to pay from January 13, 2018" is one of the most searched on search engines.

Beware of fake news and chain letters

When an application reaches the success achieved by WhatsApp it is normal that chain letters are born. And the one about the payment of WhatsApp is an evergreen that comes out at least once a month. And the speed of propagation is very high, as happens with fake news on Facebook and social networks. Also because the model that is at the base is the same. The text of the message announcing the payment of WhatsApp is as simple as devious: "IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL WHATSAPP USERS | After the new sale of the hitherto free service offered by Whatsapp, the new director Yong Lin, during the press conference held this morning 03 January 2018 in Shanghai announced that from Saturday morning 13 January 2018 whatsapp will become payable! If you have at least 20 contacts send this message to them. So it will show that you are a frequent user and your logo will turn blue and will remain free (they talked about it on the news). Whatsapp will cost 0,01€ to the message. MADE TO TURN". To understand that this is a hoax just do a simple online search and see that the CEO of the company is Jan Koum, one of the creators of the application. But the use of the phrase "they talked about it on the news", only increases the strength of the message.

How to prevent chain letters

When you receive a message like this, before sharing it with your friends is always good to verify the authenticity. And to do it just takes a few minutes: just visit the blog of WhatsApp where all the news are announced, or that of Facebook.