WhatsApp: two new features that improve voice messages

WhatsApp pushes on voice with two new features: the first dedicated to those who record messages with voice, the second dedicated to those who listen to them

The introduction of "speeded up" voice messages on WhatsApp, in May this year, has profoundly changed the way users use the app: finally it is possible and "acceptable" to communicate even with long voice messages, without making the interlocutor lose patience. The next two new features coming to WhatsApp go exactly in this direction, a sign that the team of developers has taken note of the success of 2X vocals.

In fact, according to the reliable site WABetaInfo, now almost the press office of WhatsApp developers, will soon arrive on the most widely used chat app in the world a new feature dedicated to those who record voice messages and one dedicated, instead, to those who listen to them. In both cases, the functions are not yet present in the latest beta versions of the app for Android and iOS, but WABetaInfo has published a screenshot posted a video, to be precise screen recording, in which you can see both functions at work. On the fact that these novelties are coming to WhatsApp, therefore, there are few doubts also because recently WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart has given a decisive acceleration to the development of new features for the app, with the clear intent to recover the strong gap with Telegram, which is increasingly advanced and complete.

Voice Messages WhatsApp: the global player

The first novelty coming for WhatsApp voice messages is the so-called "Global Voice Message Player", or global player of voice messages. Behind this abstruse name, in reality, there is something very simple and useful: a small player for voice messages that remains active even when we leave the chat in which the voice has been published that we want to listen.

With this new player, in practice, you can start playing a very long voice message, with or without the 2X, and exit the chat to go read other messages, in other conversations. The audio playback will not be interrupted, unless the user completely exits the WhatsApp app.

Voice messages WhatsApp: comes the pause

The second novelty announced by WABetaInfo concerns, however, those who record the messages and not those who listen to them. It will in fact be possible to pause the recording of a vocal and then resume it when we prefer, as many times as we want: just leave the record button to pause and resume it to return to record. Today, on the other hand, if you leave the button the recording is interrupted and cannot be resumed: we can only send what we have already recorded, and then record a second voice.

It is clear that this is a very convenient function, which allows us to record a cleaner and more effective audio. Let's say, for example, that we are recording a voice message in the middle of the road and we see a motorcycle, a truck or another very noisy vehicle coming: we can easily pause the recording, and then resume it once the vehicle has passed.