WhatsApp updates, new feature coming to Android

The version of WhatsApp for Android has updated with a new feature for stickers: here's how it works

The animated stickers have arrived on WhatsApp for a couple of weeks now, but the developers are still working to make the feature more useful and easy to use. And in fact, a new tool designed specifically for stickers should arrive soon. We are talking about the search function that allows you to easily find the sticker to send to a friend. Very useful especially in the case where you have hundreds of stickers on your smartphone and you can never find the right one at the right time.

The new tool has been glimpsed on version of WhatsApp beta for Android and as always to give news are the guys at WaBetaInfo. This feature is still under development and is not even available in the beta version: screenshots have been found within the app's code. The new tool, however, doesn't seem to need much work and is likely to be released as early as the next few weeks. Here's how to use it.

How sticker search works on WhatsApp

After introducing advanced search in the beta version of WhatsApp, developers are focusing on a similar feature dedicated solely to stickers. As told by WaBetaInfo, within the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the number, there are many traces about this tool.

The feature should not be active, but due to an error of WhatsApp some users are already able to see it in the application, although it is not working. How to use the sticker search on WhatsApp? Very simple: the tool is integrated in the stickers section. Clicking on the search hole will appear all the stickers installed on the smartphone and also divided into tabs, dedicated to different mood states: Love, Happiness, Sadness, etc.

WhatsApp, two new stickers arrive

On the official version of WhatsApp, however, there is always a sticker-themed news: the developers have added two new packs: YaYa and Hacker Girl. They can be downloaded by all users via WhatsApp's store.

When the new WhatsApp feature arrives

Returning to the sticker search feature, there's still no definite timeframe on the release, but being a rather simple tool it could make its debut in the beta version as early as the next few weeks.