WhatsApp updates, now you can mute a chat forever

On WhatsApp you will be able to mute a conversation forever thanks to a new tool: here's how it works

How many times have you thought, "How can I mute a chat on WhatsApp forever?", but you couldn't do it because there is no ad hoc tool? WhatsApp developers are thinking about solving this problem as well, improving a feature already present in the app. As you know, each user has the ability to mutate the notifications of a chat for a certain amount of time: eight hours, a week or a year. Now you're thinking of replacing the one-year option with "Always".

The news, as usual, comes from the guys at WaBetaInfo who have unearthed this new feature within the "Features in development" list present in the WhatsApp beta version for Android number This means that the tool is not yet available to everyone, but it is in development and they are testing it internally. Since this is a change that doesn't have a big impact at the code level, but can prove very useful for a large number of users, the release in the "normal" version of WhatsApp could also happen rather quickly.

How to mutate a WhatsApp chat forever

Muting a WhatsApp group forever is a dream that many users have, especially when you are added in some very large groups of little interest. So far, the only weapon available to users was the ability to mute a chat for up to a year, now, however, things will change: developers are making a new tool that allows you to mutate a group or chat forever. 

To mute a WhatsApp conversation you need to enter the chat, access the menu and press on the item "Disable notifications". A menu appears on the screen with three different options: 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year. In WhatsApp's plans, the 1 year option will be replaced with "Always". In this way, the user will no longer have to worry about mutating conversations when the year expires.

When will the new feature arrive

As announced by the guys at WaBetaInfo, the tool is under development and they are testing it internally. The first news appeared on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android number Compared to other features in the works that require a lot more work, such as the ability to use the same WhatsApp profile on four devices at the same time, this one is fairly simple and could be released for everyone as early as the next few weeks.