WhatsApp updates with Multi Background: here’s what it is

WhatsApp has released a new update for Apple smartphones that integrates the Multi Background feature. Here's what it is

WhatsApp updates on iOS as well: after a round of updates for the Android beta version, developers have focused on iPhone users as well. And there's no shortage of new features: new notifications to signal the presence of end-to-end encryption when you start a new conversation and, above all, the new Multiwallpaper feature is announced.

This is a real novelty, since until now it had never been mentioned. It must be specified that for the moment it is only an announcement: the new feature is not yet available and it is not known when it will be released for beta version. The guys at WaBetaInfo, however, have already published an image on their official blog showing how it will work and what it will be used for Multi Background. As you can guess from the name, users will be able to choose a different background for each chat, a very useful feature to customize conversations and on which so far WhatsApp had never worked. Here's everything you need to know about the news WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, what is the function Multi Sfondo

In English it was announced under the name of Multiwallpaper and it is very likely that in Italian will arrive with the name of Multi Sfondo. This is the new feature on which the developers are working and that appeared for the first time on the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS.

The guys at WaBetaInfo have also managed to recover a photo of the feature in development that shows how it works. Users will be able to choose a different background for each chat and customize it as they see fit. At the moment, the only possibility is to set a wallpaper valid for all conversations.

To set different wallpapers based on the chat, you'll have to open the Customization section in the chat info. A new section that should arrive soon. It is definitely not a feature that will revolutionize the application, but it will certainly make it more loved by users.

WhatsApp, new security message

In the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, developers are testing the sending of a new security message. Every time you start a new conversation, a message will appear on the screen alerting you to the fact that all content sent is protected by end-to-end encryption. A way to reiterate the total security in using WhatsApp.