WhatsApp video and Android O, the window follows you in the foreground

The feature has been unearthed in the version of WhatsApp for Android O and allows users to continue chatting without interrupting the video call

WhatsApp is ready to unveil a new feature. According to the latest rumors, in fact, the instant messaging application purchased by Facebook is experimenting with a system to allow users to chat and simultaneously continue with a video call.

Currently, as is known, on WhatsApp you can not make a video call and send a message at the same time: the app, in fact, blocks the transmission of images, turning the video call into a simple audio conversation. According to recent news, however, the app in the future could include the feature known as picture-in-picture, which is a system that overlays the video to chat or other applications. If it will really be confirmed, through this new feature, subscribers will be able to continue chatting even during a video call, without giving up the flow of images.

Only on Android O

To make known the new and useful tool of WhatsApp was WABetaInfo with a post on Twitter. The feature was spotted, however, on Android O Developer Preview, the beta version of Google's new operating system. And it would seem, in fact, that it would take advantage of one of the main features of the future mobile OS of Mountain View: an API that allows applications to use the picture-in-picture.

Will it also come on iOS?

The new feature is included in the WhatsApp version number 2.17.265 for Android. There is no information, at the moment, if the system will also land on iOS. As well as we do not know the timing of its release, which in any case will depend on the release of Android O.

The post of WABetaInfo does not clarify whether the video window will be placed on a certain part of the screen or if users will be able to move it. It's also unclear if it will only work within WhatsApp or if the pane will be featured in other apps as well. All that is known is that the tool will be activated automatically.