WhatsApp vs Telegram: how to send large files

WhatsApp and Telegram allow you to send heavy documents to your friends and co-workers via the app: here's how to do it

If you need to send large files to one, or more, of your contacts most likely your first choice is to send them an email. The problem with email, however, is the maximum size of attachments, which very often is not that big: usually you don't go beyond 25MB.

Naturally, not all email boxes are the same and have these limits: Libero Mail, for example, offers the JumboMail service thanks to which we can send attachments up to 2GB in size. The recipient will receive a convenient link from which he can download the file. A more informal alternative, to be used to send documents to friends is represented by two very famous applications: WhatsApp and Telegram. Among the many features within the two applications there is also the possibility of sending large documents. This feature, however, compared to JumboMail has some important limitations.

How to send large files with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is certainly the most popular messaging app in the world. Sending files with WhatsApp is quite simple: just tap on the paperclip icon and choose the "Document" option. Then we'll have to tap on "Browse other documents" and go look for the right file we want to send to the recipient. There is, however, a big limitation: the maximum size of files that you can send on WhatsApp is 100 MB. A lot, but not very much. We can know if the message containing the attachment has been viewed, but we'll never know if the file has actually been downloaded.

How to send large files with Telegram

Even Telegram, WhatsApp's main competitor when we talk about messaging apps, can be used to send large files. Again, we have to tap the paperclip icon and then choose "File". This will open a handy file manager from which we can choose the document to send. The maximum file size we can send with Telegram is smaller than what JumboMail offers, but at least it's acceptable: 1.5 GB. Even with Telegram, however, we can't be sure that the file has been downloaded by the recipient.