WhatsApp Web, coming new emoji and verified accounts

WhatsApp has released a new version of the desktop application: now the user will be able to know if a business account is verified or not

WhatsApp is updating. But for once we are not talking about the smartphone application, but about WhatsApp Web, the version made for the computer. Since it was officially launched, WhatsApp Web has received the new features introduced on the application always with a couple of weeks or months of delay.

The reason is quite simple: WhatsApp Web is much less used than the application and the developers' efforts are mainly focused on the smartphone app. The new features introduced in WhatsApp Web are about emoji and verified Business accounts. The new three-dimensional emoticons don't bring any major change in the use of the platform, while the new feature on Business accounts is very interesting, especially for the development that in the coming years this new way of using WhatsApp can have.

How WhatsApp Web changes with the new updates

Let's start with the new emoji introduced on WhatsApp Web. This is the same set of emoticons that made its debut on Android in mid-October. The peculiarity lies in the fact that they are three-dimensional and have a unique style. But in the everyday use of the web platform very little changes. Much more important is the second update that concerns verified Business accounts.

As we know WhatsApp has launched a parallel application dedicated exclusively to businesses. Thanks to this new (paid) app, WhatsApp staff hopes that more and more businesses will start using the instant messaging service to interact with customers and send offer messages. But to cater to the users who will be overwhelmed by the messages, the developers wanted to divide the business account into three different wordings: Verified, Confirmed, Business Account.

Verified account means that the company has taken all the steps to use the Business app to the fullest. Verified accounts can be recognized by the green bagde with a white tick inside the profile picture. A confirmed account, on the other hand, ensures that the number used for WhatsApp is the same as the business. It can be recognized by the gray badge with a white tick. Business accounts, on the other hand, are using WhatsApp Business, but have not yet gone through the rigmarole of confirmation and verification. To recognize them just look at the badge: if it is gray with a question mark, then it means that it is a Business Account.

To use the new version of WhatsApp Web you do not need to update anything: the new features are already available, just launch the service and start using them.